Cheltenham Festival Testimonials

I have travelled extensively over the years: taking tours, cruises and doing my own thing. But never have I experienced such a fantastic, memorable and superbly organised tour as I recently had with Epic Journey’s Cheltenham & Dubai tour. From the first day to the last day of this 23 day journey, it was all I had hoped for and more with its add-ons and unexpected surprises and having a daily Newspaper was terrific. Roll on the next epic journey!

Gaye Craig, Tauranga

25 May, 2017

Just a short note to express my thanks and appreciation to all at Epic Journeys for what was a wonderful festival at Cheltenham. I look forward to hearing about future tours that your company conducts…

David Trussler, The Faith Agency, South Melbourne

2 April, 2017

This is the fourth trip I have been on with a sizeable party and it exceeded all expectations. If you were unable to have fun on this Epic Journey you should never leave home again and not a day passed without a bit of frivolity. Highlights were too numerous to isolate. Loved it all!

Peter Bingham, Taranaki

4 April, 2017

Pep and I had a wonderful time. Cheltenham and the horse racing was magnificent and the hotels throughout couldn’t have been better. We were so lucky and I think it was because of the makeup of our tour leaders – it would be wonderful for us to all get together again.

Alice Doorbar, Taranaki

5 April, 2017

Firstly, we want to sincerely thank you for having the vision to put this tour together. The preparation for the tour was excellent and we were fully informed about plans and expectations through your excellent newsletters. The tour exceeded our expectations on a number of fronts, in particular having a Kiwi tour operator and hosts did make a huge difference. We had a brilliant time and will always have fond memories of the trip and our fellow travellers.

Mary Bird, New Plymouth

2 April, 2017

What a great trip! Well done to all the tour leaders … exceptional! Highlights for me included : Woke most days feeling like my ribs were breaking … sore from laughter … loved it!: Hung out at Cheltenham with Princess Royal, Camilla and Rod Stewart – what a mix! Thanks so much for a fantastic trip. A most memorable “Epic Journey”.

Julie Clifford, Melbourne VIC

2 April, 2017

I especially need to write and say “Thank you” for the wonderful time Stewart and I had on your tour. We couldn’t fault anything you did, you had a wonderful itinerary, accommodation, location and rooms perfect and the price unbelievable for all you gave and did. We can’t speak highly enough of Epic Journey and a huge thanks for a wonderful trip.

Pauline Gillan, Winton

9 April, 2017

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