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More than 25 years ago Donna Ward started her passion of patchwork and free-motion quilting. In those years she has taught in many places around New Zealand and Australia. As well as teaching her expert skills and designs, she has been awarded an array of national and international awards including the Jewel Pearce Patterson Scholarship for International Quilt Teachers in 2003.
From a very young age, Ashleigh was always found in her mothers sewing room, cutting into her precious fabric stash and sewing anything that came to her imagination. Ashleigh started teaching patchwork in her teens to children all around New Zealand. In 2006 Donna And Ashleigh turned their passion of fabric into a retail shop in Hamilton. Working as a fantastic Mother-Daughter team, they have grown their business into a nation wide hot spot for modern and funky fabrics and patterns. Along with beautiful free-motion quilting services, they both design unique and modern quilt pattern that they sell around the world.

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