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Why should I book with Epic Journeys? – We’re not a “normal” tour company and focus on longer stays in places with a far greater local content to our programme. Whether it’s the local markets; the smaller, more intimate hotels who host us or the local guides with their broad knowledge (geographically and historically), of the region, we offer a more relaxed and rewarding journey.

When should I make my booking? – There is no point in delaying. The tours only take a certain number of people each year and then they’re sold out.

What’s the average age of the tour participants and how fit do I need to be? – The average age will be anything between 30 and 80 generally speaking although for some of our sports tours there will be a younger crowd involved as well. We’re not climbing mountain peaks but a reasonable level of fitness is required to really enjoy your tour.

What meals are included? – Every tour differs and there is a legend at the bottom of every day which details included meals. Almost in every case Breakfast is included.

What is the general standard of accommodation? – Again every tour differs; from small intimate hotels on some of our special interest tours to 5 star resorts on some of the sporting tours. Details are always readily available.

If the tour doesn’t get the minimum numbers do I get my deposit back? – Yes, you do! At latest by 60 days prior to the scheduled tour date we’ll make a call on the tour and if it’s not going ahead – you’ll get your tour monies back in full.

Can I travel as a single? – Yes, you can. You’d be offered the choice of sharing a room with a fellow traveller or having a single room and paying a “single room supplement”.

Can I book through a Travel Agency? – No, you can’t. To give the best value direct to the consumer, we have not loaded travel agency commissions into our costs.

Are there lots of “optional excursions” which will cost us extra? – No, as most of the touring and sightseeing is included on our tours. The details of all included excursions is listed in the itinerary.

Do you obtain entry Visas if and where needed? – Yes, we do and we won’t charge you for our work in assisting obtaining the visas. Put simply – when travelling on a New Zealand Passport, most countries allow you free entry without a pre-arranged visa. If you do require an entry visa as part of our tour, we will advise you in writing and send out the relevant forms for you to complete and return to us. We will then obtain the visa on your behalf, although any visa fees charged by embassies will need to be paid by you.

Can I extend my trip before or after your tour and can you

arrange extra accommodation? – Yes, Yes and Yes! The reason our tours are “built” as they are and sold as “local content” allows exactly what you’re after – an extension at either end. Because we have contracted rates with hotels at tour start and tour end – there’s no problem booking extra nights with us.

Do you arrange Travel Insurance? – No, we leave that to the experts. However a good Travel Policy is a vital part of your holiday and our recommended Travel Agency can certainly assist. However as always, and most importantly, make sure the policy is pertinent to you. Remember some Platinum Credit Cards offer Travel Insurance as part of their rewards programs but read the small print.

What else should I know? – If you have any questions of any type please do not hesitate to contact us by email, WhatsApp, text or telephone.

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